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    Standard di IPA 15+1

Containing the 16 major EFSA PAH compounds, this new standard from Restek is prepared in toluene for longer shelf life, more accurate results, and compatibility with both GC and LC. This high concentration formulation (100 µg/mL) allows analysts to dilute as needed for economical fortification and calibration mixes.

    Nuove Colonne Rxi-1301Sil MS

Restek’s Rxi®-1301Sil MS GC columns give you the selectivity you need without the bleed. These new columns offer true cyano phase selectivity along with highest thermal stability in the industry, which ensures you get dependable, accurate MS results and increased uptime. Improve the performance of existing methods for solvents, glycols, and other polar compounds with an Rxi®-1301Sil MS GC column.

    Colonne Restek Core-Shell Raptor ARC-18

Ideal for high-throughput LC-MS/MS applications with minimal sample preparation. • Well-balanced retention profile for better detection and integration of large, multiclass analyte lists. • Sterically protected to endure low-pH mobile phases without sacrificing retention or peak quality. • Part of Restek's Raptor™ LC column line featuring SPP core-shell silica.

    Diluitore HAMILTON Microlab ML600

SUPERCHROM presenta il nuovissimo Diluitore HAMILTON Microlab ML600, con il quale potrai diluire e/o dispensare i tuoi campioni in maniera semi-automatizzata, incrementando la riproducibilità,precisione ed accuratezza. Il nuovo display touch screen rende la gestione dello strumento semplice ed immediata....


Risparmia tempo e denaro. Superchrom propone sistemi di analisi microbiologica rapida (test di presenza/assenza) con risultati definitivi in 18/24 ore. NOVITA': Nuovo ReACT per l'identificazione dei Gram negativi, S. aureus

SUPERCHROM S.r.l. e' distributrice dei marchi:

Capitale sociale 50.000,00 euro int. vers. - C.C.I.A.A. Milano N.947029 - Trib. Milano reg. Soc. N.171550 vol. 5032 fasc. 50 - P.iva/Cod. fisc. 03226210155